I am excited to be the guest at the upcoming Club3004 business event, where I will be grilled in a Q and A session. The topic we’re covering is:

Offshore Outsourcing Solutions – Why is it OK?

I look forward to a vigorous debate as we find ourselves caught between wanting to protect our own Aussie jobs and yet at the same time being faced with competitive challenges from both within Australia and offshore.

The real challenge is how we adapt to the new economy – a market with perfect knowledge. Everyone can access the same information using the internet and can compare prices of the same product in every store, or country with a few clicks.

Outsourcing is no different – we now have the ability to source labour at cheaper rates, and the resources can work from home, not even needing to leave their foreign cities. Do we adapt or die? Is it a binary decision or do we have options.

Please join us for an interesting chat.