Hiring a virtual assistant just got real!

With time management becoming a task all on its own, many businesses are leaning towards the cost-effective option of hiring a virtual assistant.

A VA is someone who has a specific skill set who can assist you even from a remote location.

From general personal assistant tasks to more specific and skilled roles such as graphic design, bookkeeping, social media management, and writing, a virtual assistant can be a god-send.



Where are the VAs at?

Virtual Assistant roles originated mainly in India, where fees were kept to a bare minimum.

However, after a while the service levels started to suffer, and the saving wasn’t worth the results.  

From there, the Philippines came into the picture, with great successes on all fronts.  

The Filipino’s pool of options offers an educated and talented skill set, with eager to learn and very flexible employees.  

Their English is good, their rates are low, and the time difference is manageable for Australians.

Up and coming…

The latest country to be added to the mix is South Africa.

With their historical hard-working nature, the virtual assistants gleaned from this developing country, have been proving very productive.

While the time difference is greater, for most countries, other than Europe, the fees are very reasonable; mostly due to the declining Rand currency.   

English is also their first language, making communication a breeze.

Where will the future take us?

The search for quality virtual assistants reaches us from as far as many emerging markets, such as Eastern Europe, and Russia where they are mainly doing software coding and development.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, whichever side of the coin you look at, the currency is weak, and therefore the low cost of hiring virtual assistants looks inviting.

Another plus, from a different angle, is that there are many highly educated individuals in these regions too.  But because they are not getting paid what they feel they deserve, they are willing to work hard to prove themselves by accepting virtual assistant roles.

And because of the cost of employing people outright has declined in these countries, many are looking to make money via the digital route.

Further afield, in Israel, due to the boom of the IT industry, many whizz kids have emerged, giving the rest of the world access to amazing and innovative youth.  

This kind of outsourcing is not done for cost-savings, but rather for innovation.  And thinking costs money.


What are we looking for?

To ensure you hire the right virtual assistant, with a good and reliable attitude, as well as quality skills, you want to be looking out for these features:

Good Communication Skills

This is key, especially over the miles and virtually.  If your VA cannot communicate well with you, and/or your clients, then they are not in the right position.


You need to know that you can rely on your virtual assistant at all times.  It is because you need a VA that the reliability feature is pertinent.  Trust is a big part of hiring a VA.

Ability to work alone

This goes without saying, but deserves a mention, lest you forget the concept of virtual assistant hiring.  

You cannot be checking up on them every few minutes.

Because of the remoteness and very often the vast time difference, you need to feel confident you can leave them alone to get on with the tasks allocated to them.

Good Time Management skills

As they may be performing more than a handful of tasks for you, and possibly for other employees, they need to be able to manage their time well.  

There are only so many hours in one day, and most times, everyone’s work looks to be the most urgent to complete.


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