So you’ve decided that your business needs outsourcing solutions. You’ve gone out and found the perfect virtual assistant for your business.

Of course, it doesn’t end there! Yes, virtual assistants can be game-changers for your business, giving you time to make important decisions and giving you more time.

However, this assumes 2 things:

  1. You hire the right person
  2. You know how to properly manage your virtual staff

An outsourcing provider like VirtualStaff365 ensures you won’t have to worry about the first problem.

As for point 2 however, that’s on you!

Unlocking your VAs’ full potential isn’t the same as squeezing more performance out of your office-based staff – luckily, we’re here to help.

Tip #1: Create organized workflows

The first thing you can do to guarantee success with your virtual staff? Systemise everything.

This doesn’t just apply to virtual staff – your local Australian based team stands to benefit from well-organised workflows, processes and systems too!

However, with virtual staff it’s especially important. After all, a virtual assistant in the Philippines can’t exactly knock on your door to ask for clarification.

Setting out your workflows and putting everything into paper enables your virtual assistants to thrive. It helps avoid confusion and improves efficiency – your virtual staff will know how to respond immediately, minimising downtime.

Even if you already have an existing workflow or documentation on hand, it’s still worth revisiting them. Chances are, these instructions were written up with your local-based team in mind.

Thus, they might be tad hard for a virtual assistant to follow!


Tip #2: Set realistic expectations

While we work hard to ensure you’re finding highly-qualified virtual staff for your business, they’re not superhuman. One virtual assistant won’t be able to do everything on their own.

During the initial stages of hiring staff, your expectations need to be clear: responsibilities, skills, results… all of this needs to be laid out in advance.

Not only does this allow you to evaluate how well your virtual staff are performing, but it also helps your virtual staff do their jobs too!

Your virtual staff are human. As such, they’ll want something to measure themselves against and assess whether they’re meeting expectations.

When setting expectations, be sure to employ a mixture of numbers and non-numerical measures. Be sure to cover all of your bases: in addition to traditional metrics like punctuality and time, you’ll want to think about attitude and responsiveness.


Tip #3: Let them feel like part of the team

Virtual assistants aren’t just a disembodied voice on your computer or an email alert that pops up from time-to-time. Behind that screen, there’s a real person.

While there are many cultural differences between Australians and Filipinos, there are also many similarities. For example, the need to feel like they’re a part of your team!

It’s just human nature – staff (virtual or otherwise) who feel like a valued part of your team are going to work harder for you.

Don’t let your virtual staff feel that they’re on their alone. Involve them in meetings and keep them in-the-know with what’s happening.

Even little things can let them know that they’re a part of the team – something as simple as sending a quick “happy weekend” every Friday can make a difference.


Tip #4: Keep your lines of communication open

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: when it comes to virtual staff, communication is king.

We’re not going to waste too much time going into the nitty-gritty. The long story short is  if you want your virtual staff to keep you in the loop and respond quickly, you need to have the infrastructure in place.

  • Instead of using international phone calls, think about using instant messaging to keep in touch (Skype, Slack, Zoom etc)
  • Rather than using email to share files, consider cloud-based platforms like Dropbox or Google Drive
  • Organise your time using a collaborative online diary, rather than piecing everything together from emails and conversations.

These are just some of the ways you can speed up communication with your virtual staff. All of this makes collaborating significantly easier – not to mention, it also means problems can be identified and fixed much more efficiently.

Finally, on top of reducing downtime, it also helps you get to know your virtual staff better!

Click here for more tips on how to “handle” your virtual staff.


Tip #5: Make room for growth

While you might have hired them for boilerplate work, by no means is that the only thing your virtual staff can do!

Just like your Melbourne staff, your virtual staff are looking for opportunities to grow. If you want a long-term service from your virtual assistant, you’ll need to provide them with these opportunities.

Assign tasks that would put their knowledge and ability to the next level. Give them responsibilities that test their creativity, analytical skills or critical thinking.

In addition to motivating your virtual staff, it also helps you determine whether your virtual staff have the potential to take even more tasks off your hands!


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