When you are running a business, turning over every penny before spending it can sometimes feel like all you do, but it is a necessary part of building any business.

We know every single well-earned dollar that you spend on your business needs to be justified. So we understand you may feel naturally apprehensive towards hiring a virtual assistant.

Rest assured however, hiring a Virtual Assistant can be one of the best investments you can make in your business!

How does VirtualStaff365 keep costs low?

Virtual assistant costs are very low. That is, if you choose the right company to work with in sourcing your virtual staff.  When compared to hiring staff directly from the labour pool in Australia, you will see just the savings you are making.  

We are able to keep the costs low because of a few factors:

  • We work on set hourly rates, factoring in the level of skill set required for each job
  • We are able to provide the virtual assistants with regular work to make it worthwhile for them
  • There are no set-up fees, no recruitment costs and most definitely no hidden costs
  • You only pay what you are quoted!


How a virtual assistant can save you money

Dependent on the type of tasks you need covered and the number of hours you require them to work on a daily basis, the rate will differ. We have broken down each service very simply for you, so that you can clearly see what you will be charged.

Virtual PAs and data capturers can be paid the lowest hourly rates, while higher skilled individuals such as graphic designers, web developers and content writiers, demand a higher hourly fee – make no mistake however, their rates are still significantly lower than hiring locally!


How does VirtualStaff365 work?

There is a process, here at VirtualStaff365, in finding the perfect virtual assistant for you.

The discovery phase

This is where we ask relevant questions to find out exactly what it is you need in a virtual assistant. This part is very important, and once you have agreed to work with us, the exciting part starts.

 The job description

We get into real detail here, asking questions like:

  • How many hours?
  • What type of tasks?
  • Will there be training involved?

We want to make sure your expectations are realistic.

The recruitment stage

Much like a general recruitment agency would go about sourcing suitable candidates for the position, so too do we.

The process takes around 2-3 weeks, and we will then present a range of candidates, detailing their credentials, experience and the cost. You will interview each candidate and if you are happy, you will make your selection.

We will then offer them a position, ensure all paperwork is sorted with the virtual assistant, and manage all aspects of HR. You, as the business owner, do not need to handle any of this part.


As we pay virtual staff, we ensure they are very clear on their job description and the amount of hours they are to be paid for. We pride ourselves on paying our staff on time twice per month.

Time and attendance monitoring

Our team makes sure your staff starts work on time, and any issues are handled to make sure you don’t have to worry about any HR, payroll and time and attendance issues.

You can get on with what you need to do within your business.

How does VirtualStaff365 pay your VAs?

Virtual staff are paid according to whether they are full-time or part-time staff, and also according to what level of tasks they are taking on.  

To ensure we pay our staff on time, we require your invoice for the month to be paid in advance. We are quite adamant that virtual staff are never paid late.

By example, should you decide to hire a data capturer and a bookkeeper at the same time, this is how you will be billed:


Data Capturer – $7 per hour for 8 hours a day x 21 days

The total is $1,176 + GST

Bookkeeper $12.33 per hour for 4 hours per day for 21 days

The total is $ 1,035.72 + GST

Therefore the invoice will be for a total of $2,211.72 + GST

You will be billed once per month no matter how many staff you take on.


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