Hi Neville,

Leaving you a note that you have left me shaken today.

You have totally blown me away, literally.

I have never thought that I could meet someone from

the other side of the world who has the heart

to help me reach my goal during the first meeting.

Again, thank you so much for the chat today.

I really appreciate your time and effort.

I hope you are able to fill your vacancies as soon as possible.

I am working on restoring my LAN connections ASAP with hopes of having a WFH (Work From Home) job soon.

Should you find a suitable part time VA for me, please –

I am one chat away.

I am always online 24/7.


Warmest regards,



The story behind…

This was a letter I received from a candidate I interviewed this morning.

The background to this email involves a candidate – Faye and the final interview I was conducting before putting her forward to a client.

Faye presented very well.  Her English skills were excellent.  And she has great experience in my client’s field of work – ironically it’s in recruitment.

Faye was doing a great job of ticking all the boxes for my client. But she said something that did not make sense to me.  

I dug a little deeper and found something we did not pick up in previous interviews.


The deal breaker…

Faye had a full-time job with a US-based client.

Due to time differences,  she works at night for her US-based client and is now looking for a daytime job to supplement her income.

As it turns out, Faye was looking to moonlight during the day (boom-boom!).

Knowing that she has just done a full night’s work for someone else, there is no way I was going to put her forward to a client.

This is a dealbreaker and I told her so.

But our conversation was open and honest and we covered a lot of ground.

Despite her current night-time job being a dealbreaker, Faye clearly likes the way we operate.

We’re open and honest with our staff about our role in the relationship, and we tell them exactly what we expect, and how we remunerate our staff.

I am certain Faye will be back looking for a full-time job with VirtualStaff365, when she can give 110% to her and our client.

And I look forward to helping her find work – but only when the time is right.


Looking for a virtual assistant for your Melbourne business?

Faye is one of many virtual assistants from the Philippines looking for remote jobs.

If you have ever thought of working with a virtual staff but have not found the right partner to help you on your way, don’t worry!  VirtualStaff365 is here for you.

We have a pool of talented VAs from the Philippines who can assist you and your business.  

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