Being a virtual assistant is a job that requires a lot of skills, talent, dedication and hard work.

And at VirtualStaff365, we are pleased to share that our VAs are all that and more. We spoke to one of our VAs in the Philippines and we thought it would be a great idea to know what’s it like being a virtual assistant and to hear his story.  

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s hear from Jake from the Philippines.


Meet Jake

Hi!  I’m Jake. I’m a virtual assistant (VA) based in the silicon hub of the Philippines – Cebu City.

I used to work for a client who had an eBay store.  I assisted the client with all the tasks related to selling their products on eBay. This included helping with :

  • new product listings
  • general customer service
  • and some tech support.

I gained valuable experience in the online selling environment but I wanted more flexibility in my work schedule.

I researched virtual assistant opportunities and hooked up with VirtualStaff365. I now work as a VA for an Australian business.  I specialise in providing e-commerce support including selling on eBay.


I am here for you

As a VA, I hold so many personal responsibilities.

I am helping my client with the following tasks:

  • Respond to queries they have regarding our products
  • Maintenance and update of website
  • Address any eBay technical  issues

I work closely with the owners and we often collaborate as a team, seeking the ideal solution for our customers.

We work quite seamlessly together as we each know our roles and where they fit in the bigger picture.  The result is a great solution for my client.


I love my job

When I found VirtualStaff365, I thought of it as a blessing.

Working for VirtualStaff365 allows me to work from home while interacting with people on a regular basis.

It also allows me the freedom of working as an independent contractor in a field I enjoy and am particularly good at.

Working as a VA, I have gained great working experiences.  And working for my client has widened my skill base.

Also,  I earn way and live better since joining the virtual workforce.  I manage to work hard and smart.  

I am able to enjoy an active social life and I get to see regularly my friends and family regularly.


Working with VirtualStaff365

From the moment I connected with VirtualStaff365, I have been super impressed.

Neville and his team have created a professional service offering high-quality virtual assistance to a multitude of companies in Australia.

When you work with VirtualStaff365, you can be assured that:

  • communication lines are clear
  • people are friendly and helpful
  • everyone works together to produce the best possible result for the client.

I have learned more working as a VA than I ever could have working for one company in a permanent office.

VAs are not the future, they are the here and now.  And I’m proud to be a part of the VA revolution.  


Want to find someone just like Jake? Let our team at VirtualStaff365 help.

Jake is just one of many VAs who are part of the VirtualStaff365 family.  And if you’re looking for someone as dedicated and as skilled as him, we have a pool full of experienced VAs available.

As a provider of affordable and high quality virtual assistants to Australian business, We believe VAs are starting to become the backbone of the digital economy.

We have worked with so many small business and start-up owners who have told how we helped them grow their business.

So if you wish to hire a VA like Jake who can help your business thrive and succeed while minimising salary overheads, contact us VirtualStaff365 now!