New year, new business.

Everybody has their new year’s resolutions. And for many small business owners, that resolution is to take their businesses to the next level.

In many cases, means having to temporarily scale their businesses up, just like how many retailers and warehouses take on extra casuals around Christmas time to keep up with demand.

And that brings me to today’s topic…

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Virtual staff are NOT temps, freelancers or casuals…

… they’re fully-fledged members of your team!

It’s one of the most common requests we receive – a business has just landed a big project and they need extra hands on deck to handle the workload.

Many of these business will come to us, looking for virtual staff to plug gaps until the project is over.

I’m going to say emphatically that this is NOT how virtual staff are supposed to be used.

Like I’ve written multiple times, virtual staff aren’t just “hired help” – your virtual assistant is there for the long-haul. They’re there to help you grow your business, deal with the workload and give you more time to either focus on your responsibilities as owner or to spend more time at home.

If all you need is extra help for a single project, that’s what temp agencies are for.

Outsourcing solutions like virtual staffing on the other hand are all about helping your business continue growing. By definition, that automatically excludes casual work for one-off projects.

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How virtual staff help small businesses continue growing

If you ask me, virtual staff are one of the best things you can do to handle growth at your business.

That’s because virtual assistant services are all about saving time.

Sure, as a small business owner you could do all the data entry, bookkeeping and admin by yourself. But where does that leave you? Tired, burnt out and without any time left over to plan your next step, that’s where!

Virtual staff take this boilerplate work off your hands. Not to mention, they can also look after the things you can’t do.

That gives you enough breathing space to take new opportunities and start planning for the long-term.

Not to mention, it also means your business is ready to deal with a permanent, long-term increase in business.

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Apples to oranges: what makes freelancers different from virtual staff

Full disclosure: we aren’t saying that temp and casual workers don’t serve a purpose – on the contrary! Temp and casual employees are a great way to get your business over the hump.

Make no mistake however, virtual assistant services are not where you go for this help!

Outsourcing solutions and temp workers are apples to oranges. Both serve different purposes and have their own unique quirks.


Virtual assistant services are tailored to you

Your virtual assistant finder works hard to find a VA that’s perfect for your needs. We aren’t just talking about experience or training – we’re also including personality and traits.

You don’t get these results from pulling from a pool of staff. During our process, we search high and low, carefully vetting applicants to make sure they have the perfect traits and skills.

By contrast, when hiring temp and casual workers, your temp agency assigns people already on its database. It’s an exercise in compromise – temp agencies don’t have the same long turnover times to work with. In many cases, they have to settle for “close enough” to your ideal worker.


Virtual staff are more skilled

Many temp agencies try to hire people with a general set of skills and training. We don’t blame them – they need to hire a wide range of different businesses. A generalist skill set can help with that.

But what if you don’t need a generalist? What if you need a specialist?

Like we mentioned above, virtual assistant services don’t pull from a pool of staff – rather, we go on a separate search for each client.

This means if your business needs someone with less-common skills, we can accommodate.

In the past, VirtualStaff365 has connected Australian businesses with:


Call VirtualStaff365 for outsourcing solutions

So you’ve decided that your business needs virtual assistant services and not just a couple of temps. There’s just one more step: finding one.

Making the leap into virtual staffing is hard. You don’t have the connections, know-how or time to figure something out.

Luckily, we do – give VirtualStaff365 a call today on (03) 8842 4300 to see how we can help your business.