Benefits of Hiring Virtual Staff at VirtualStaff365 Outsourcing Services

There are so many ways a business can benefit by choosing virtual staff to help with their workload. You can immediately enjoy the following benefits when hiring virtual employees from VirtualStaff365:


Save Up To 80% on Wages

With lower wages and hourly rates, you can expect high quality and professional work at a fraction of what it would cost to hire an in-house employee.

Fixed Rate

At VirtualStaff365, employees are paid a fixed, pre-determined rate. That means you know exactly what you are paying every month.

No Need To Increase Office Space

Benefit from an extra set of hands on deck without the pressure or expectation to expand your current office space.

One Simple Monthly Invoice

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to employ virtual staff in your office. A single monthly invoice eliminates the need for messy time tracking and fees.

No Exchange Rate Issues

Put your mind at ease that costs won’t become complicated, due to exchange rates and different dollar values. The fixed rate (above) is hat you will pay – it’s as simple as that.

Staff Management Tool

We do the time tracking for you so there is no need for timesheets and task lists. Our system takes care of this for you, so we keep it simple.

100 Tasks They Can Do For You

This list is truly exhaustive! Virtual staff are equipped with a variety of specialised skills, talents, and abilities, and are ready to begin working for you right now. Make sure you download my list of 100 Tasks Virtual Staff Can Do For You

What Can and Can’t Be Done?

The list of tasks and jobs that can be undertaken, managed, and mastered by virtual staff is almost limitless. Nonetheless it is still important that you familiarise yourself with certain tasks that cannot be undertaken by a virtual team member. Learn what can and can’t be done by your virtual team.

Advantages of Outsourcing

Outsourcing all types of business activities can produce great advantages in terms of workflow, overhead costs, and quality of work. Discover the appealing advantages of outsourcing here.

Case Studies

Curious to learn how other Australian businesses have used virtual staff to help lessen the workload on their senior staff and delegate other tasks. Many of our clients come to us with specific requirements in mind and we can always match them to the most skilled and best-suited candidate.

Others are instead curious to learn – and experience first-hand – where and how a virtual assistant can help their business. We work with them to better understand where they can reduce their own workload and how a VA will help with day-to-day and one-off tasks. Click here to read some insightful case studies.

Why the Philippines is the Best

With a vast talent pool, impressive literary skills, dominance of the English language, and low wages, it’s easy to see why the Philippines is one of the fastest-growing and popular places for Australian businesses to source virtual staff. Find out more about why companies choose the Philippines for their virtual staff.

Compare Salaries

One of the most appealing advantages of outsourcing virtual staff in the Philippines is the obvious difference in salaries. Hourly rates are a fraction of the regular Australian wages yet comparative to their local wages.

View the typical rates and salaries you’ll expect to find when you choose to outsource elements of your workload to virtual staff in the Philippines.

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