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Many of us know that when we call a large corporate call centre like Telstra the call is being handled in the Philippines. We all know about the obvious work that can be outsourced!

The reason this work can be outsourced is that its high volume work that is largely repetitive.

The nature of repetitive work is that the training is much easier to do and it can be easily replicated. Repetitive and ongoing work is the perfect task for a virtual assistant who works remotely.


What Can Be Done by a Virtual Assistant

Here is a range of work that we see outsourced that you may not have thought about:

  • Customer service and Live Chat
  • Bookkeeping (including BAS and payroll)
  • Bookkeeping for accountants
  • Real estate management
  • Graphic design
  • Motion graphic design
  • Animation
  • Web development
  • SEO and PPC
  • Content and blog writing
  • Video editing
  • E-commerce - listing creation
  • E-commerce - graphic design and image enhancements
  • Data entry for payable invoices, timesheets etc.
  • Data entry for any information that needs to entered into excel or software

The list goes on!

The work outsourced is generally work that is directed from Australia, but it’s too time-consuming and therefore too expensive to be done in Australia.

What Can’t Be Done?

Besides from physical work that can’t be done remotely, the most frequently asked question is “Can strategy be outsourced?” This is usually marketing and social media strategy work. We get asked this question at least once or twice a week.
We usually advise against outsourcing strategy and planning work to a remote virtual assistant.


Because this is the part of the business that you know best.
If you want to outsource this work, we recommend you select an Australian firm that will have full visibility of the Australian landscape.


The General Rule

As a general rule, we advise:
“Always keep the brainpower right here in Australia; get the hard work done offshore.”

Using an offshore virtual assistant to create and devise your business strategy is definitely not going to give you the best results. We advise our clients against this upfront.

We want to ensure success

In fact we have turned businesses away because we know it’s not going to work. We only want clients with a great chance of success! We are happy to recommend local Australian businesses where we can that can provide your business the local strategy and brainpower that is required.

The good news is that once you have this strategy in place, the hard graft and implementation of the strategy can often and easily be done by virtual assistants.

No hidden costs

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