Savings Of Our
Virtual Assistant Services

The savings range between 50% and 80%. That’s real savings to your bottom line.

Here are some examples of hourly costs:

Virtual Assistant / PA$8 – $11$23 – $30$1972%
Data entry$8 – $11$25 – $30$1971%
Customer service$9 – $11$30 – $35$2475%
Graphic design$12 – $18$50 – $90$5883%
Bookkeeping$12 – $18$40 – $70$4175%
Social media$10 – $15$80 – $100$7786%
Content writing$12 – $16$80 – $100$7786%
Web development$15 – $25$70 – $120$7579%
Full-stack developer$20 – $35$80 – $140$8780%

*denotes where calculations use the mid-point of the range of costs to calculate savings.

Hiring a virtual assistant?
Save up to 80% on wages!

Hiring virtual assistants is cheaper by a long shot.
But that’s not all – in developed countries and Western economies, the cost of labour is only part of the true cost. The other costs include:

  • Superannuation
  • Insurance
  • Payroll tax
  • Cost of compliance

On-costs add an extra 15%
to your Australian labour costs

  • With all the extra on-costs to wages in Australia, the cost just keeps on growing
  • The Super Guarantee Charge (SGC) is currently 9.5%
  • Insurance for office-based staff is approx 1%
  • Payroll tax if applicable is 4.85%

That’s an extra 15% before capital costs, that Australian businesses have to pay to employ staff, making the savings even greater when employing virtual staff.

Cost of compliance?

The cost of having virtual assistant in Australia is harder to quantify, but with all the legal complexities of employing staff, the cost when all is said and done is close to 20%, when factoring time and effort.


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