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Need a web developer for your website, ecommerce store or new app?

Hiring a virtual web developer is the ideal way to scale up your development and web design, without having the necessary budget required for web development.

Once you have your design worked out, your web developers will translate the design and turn it into a working, functioning website. At VirtualStaff365 Outsourcing Solutions, we’ll find you the right web developers in the Philippines at the right price to help you with your development.

Hiring Web Developers

What To Look For When Hiring Web Developers

When hiring a virtual web developer, consider the type of organisation you may be asking them to join.

If you are a startup, you may want a developer that is:

  • curious,
  • self-starter
  • adaptable, and
  • ability to work under immense pressure.

If your business is a more mature organisation, someone with these characteristics may not fit in. In these cases you may want someone that displays the following:

  • Technically proficient
  • Ability to translate your wireframes into live sites
  • Fit into a team environment

What our clients say

Web Development Skills

Whether it’s WordPress skills, CSS, HTML or full stack development, the talent and skill of outsourced developers makes a great value proposition. However as languages and skills become obsolete every two years, expect to see a wide range of work across multiple platforms on resumes.

Web Development Skills
How To Start Becoming a Web Developer

How To Start?

Start off by giving your developer a small project (that is non-critical) to work on.

This will allow you to observe them at work without the project results having a major impact on your development cycle. It will also enable you to understand their skill level and their ability to problem-solve, investigate, and resolve issues.

  • Have they understood the scope document?
  • Did they ask the right questions to ensure they are delivering the correct outcomes?
  • Is the final product buggy?
  • Have the objectives been met?

Controlling Your Development

VirtualStaff365 outsoursing solutions will also provide you the tools necessary to have control over your web developers Philippines while they are working on your projects, providing you with peace of mind that your developers are productive and keeping the project on track.

Our tracking software can also be integrated with development tools such as JIRA, Basecamp, ASANA, Slack, Podio and a host of other third party apps.


When you choose VirtualStaff365 Outsourcing Solutions to help you recruit and retain a variety of virtual assistants, you benefit from clear, simple pricing and fees. There are no hidden costs or surprises, so your cash-flow can be easily managed.

Using VirtualStaff365 Outsourcing Solutions to
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Let VirtualStaff365 help you to source great candidates, test those candidates,
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