Last week, we wrote about how to tell your business might need to outsource your customer service.

Make no mistake, it can be one of the best decisions you make for your business – provided you do it properly.

And unfortunately, a lot of businesses just fail at hiring virtual staff.

There are many reasons a business might be unsuccessful with their outsourcing attempts. Here are just a couple of the more common ones…


They choose the wrong virtual assistant services

When hiring from a completely different country, it’s totally natural to want somebody to hold your hand and guide you. Make no mistake, the right outsourcing provider can make all the difference.

Thanks to increased connectivity, business process outsourcing is more feasible than ever before. Even small businesses are getting in on the game.

And as with any growth industry,  when opportunity appears, the opportunists come knocking.

Virtual assistant services are no exception.

Many outsourcing providers are just in it for the paycheck. They won’t go above and beyond to find you the perfect virtual assistant – all they care about is receiving their fee now.

The result? Customer service outsourcing that just doesn’t work.

Before embarking on your outsourcing adventure, be sure to check your outsourcing agency’s credentials. Make sure that they’re really as good as they say they are.


They hire an incompetent outsourcing provider

Make no mistake, using an agency that just isn’t up to the task is the worst thing that could happen to your outsourcing plan.

Why’s that? Because they might give you incompetent virtual staff!

Many dodgier virtual staffing agencies will just recruit whoever for customer service positions. They think that since it’s just emails, any old warm body can do the job.

Of course, as anybody who’s ever worked in one of those positions knows, it’s about much, much more than that.

Your customer service reps (whether they’re on the phone, email or face-to-face) are ambassadors for your business. When they do good work, it reflects well on you.

Unfortunately, unless your virtual assistant service cares about your business, you’re unlikely to get this type of service.

At VirtualStaff365, we understand the importance of customer service. As such, we take care to ensure all the customer service staff we source for you have:

  • Excellent written and spoken English skills
  • Prior customer service or support experience
  • The right attitude for customer service
  • Ability to investigate and operate independently

We do this using our thorough selection process. Rather than just pulling from a pool of candidates, we put out a custom job description and hold multiple rounds of interviews.


They go on their own

Worse than hiring a dodgy virtual staffing agency is trying to go without one at all!

Take it from us, it’s not worth it. Hiring locally can take weeks and weeks – throw in the tyranny of distance and you have a nightmare in the making.

Worse, most of the time you’ll end up with customer support staff who just aren’t up to the task.

That’s because very few business owners have the connections needed to field a wide pool of candidates. Instead, they’re forced to take on the first applicants that submit a resume.

That isn’t the only way a going alone leads to worse customer service outsourcing…

A professional outsourcing agency will provide you with tools to monitor what your customer service team are doing. That means checking their time and internet history to ensure they’re on-task the entire time they’re at work

They don’t have the tools to track customer service staff

A professional outsourcing agency will provide you with tools to monitor what your customer service team are doing. That means checking their time and internet history to ensure they’re on-task the entire time they’re at work.

Unfortunately, many less scrupulous virtual staffing agencies just don’t bother with this.

And many DIY outsources completely overlook this crucial part of virtual staffing.

The result is a customer service team that’s operating completely without oversight – who knows what they’re up to?

Whether you choose a home-based or office staff, the fact remains that you need tangible proof that your virtual staff is working even with limited supervision. You can’t look over their shoulders, after all.

By partnering with a reputable outsourcing provider, you can be confident your customer service outsourcing is going smoothly. They’ll set you up with computer programs and tools that:

  • Track time throughout the working day
  • Monitor progress on customer service tickets
  • Take screenshots of their computer screens
  • Tally up total time spent active or inactive

Need help with your customer service outsourcing?

Partner up with VirtualStaff365 today!

Customer service is the first point of contact many potential customers and clients have with your business. As such, you’ll want to make sure you get the best possible outcome when hiring virtual staff to look after customer service roles.

That’s where we come in.

VirtualStaff365 doesn’t just connect you to virtual assistants – we connect you to customer service superstars.

We source applicants from a wide range of sources to fit your job requirements.

Then we put them through the ringer – multiple rounds of interviews with criteria set by you. You can even sit in on them if you want.

And once everything’s said and done, we’ll set you up with effective time-tracking and activity monitoring software to ensure your customer service reps are on task.

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