Hire Writer Philippines

Writers are able to help you with the message that you want to get out to your audience, but you simply don’t have the time to sit down to sit down and write.

Our writer Philippines will be able to create content and generate it in a way that will resonate with your audience. Simply put – they will create the content you don’t have time to write.


What Kind Of Work Can We Get Created?

Writers in the Philippines can do the following:

  • Blogs
  • Social media posts
  • Articles
  • Ghost writing
  • Technical writing
  • Spin articles

Is Their English Good Enough?

This is one of the hardest roles to fill because sometimes it’s just not right.

Although English is one of two official languages in the Philippines, and all business and government work is conducted in English, the writing can sometimes present as being written by someone who is less familiar with English.

What Kind Of Writers Can We Recruit?

  • Journalists
  • Social media writers
  • Copywriters
  • English teachers

Call now on 0402 116 606 to discuss your needs, or click here to request a call.

We Test Each Candidate

We like to test each candidate who applies for a writing role, before we present the candidate to you, so that we can assess their level of written English and content creation. This allows you to only interview and select candidates who have passed the pre-selection process


No hidden costs

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